our vision

participate in a practice that is personal, practical, and ultimately essential to your health and wellbeing...where there is a balanced focus on body, mind, and spirit, and an authentic loving community joins you on an incredible journey of growth, healing, and wholeness!

Relaxation Fitness is not only the name of our yoga studio, its also our unique approach to health and wellness.

Physical fitness, cardiovascular fitness, and other fitness objectives are normal components of our weekly health and wellness routines. But, they're not a complete solution to our societies growing health concerns. Have you ever thought about your level of relaxation fitness? Perhaps its the missing link! All too often we get the sense that there is never going to be enough time... or money... or vacations to truly afford us rest. However, relaxation isn’t a luxury activity, and being able to rest during times of stress means that we can’t wait until life is perfect to learn how to relax. With stress related health concerns reaching epidemic proportions, we believe it is the perfect time to make Relaxation Fitness a part of your weekly routine.