We are a new business! We want to share with you where we came from and what were all about! If you have a few moments, we'd love for you to read our story. For now, let's jump right into where we're headed, because Relaxation Fitness is not only the name of our company but a phrase that hits at the heart of our mission!

A Phrase:

Lets begin first with the word fitness. Most of us understand fitness on the surface – such as someone’s level of physical fitness, or cardiovascular fitness. When we dig a little deeper we discover that fitness is something vital to our survival. That sounds both fascinating and unsettling, but what it boils down to is biological. However, we aren’t talking about having babies, we are talking about being healthy enough to truly live! So, you might ask - what does this have to do with relaxation?

When thinking of the word relaxation, you might imagine the beach, a cold drink, a pleasant scene, or some other kind of luxurious activity. But resting isn’t a luxury! Rest is a key component for health, from the development of stronger muscles, to the resiliency of an immune system, to sustaining basic physiological functions. Therefore, when we create the phrase relaxation fitness we shift our perspective from thinking about rest as something to do when its convenient, to thinking about it as something that is a necessity... Because IT IS necessary!

A Practice:

Ironically however, what each of us actually needs to find relaxation is a question without a definitive answer. What we can define is a practice; a space where we, as unique individuals, can explore what does and does not work for us to find rest. In this way we can think of relaxation fitness as being similar to other fitness objectives. As such, our level of relaxation fitness becomes dependent on our commitment to practice resting regardless of our daily circumstances. Preserving the ability to routinely find rest means that we can’t wait until life is perfect to learn how to relax. In order to truly relax, we have to be willing to make rest an integrated part of our daily routine.

Our Business:

Relaxation Fitness is passionate about providing you the tools you need to make relaxing a sustainable reality day in and day out. We envision a new health priority, where rest and relaxation gets the attention it not only deserves, but demands. Our mission is to help individuals achieve lasting balance in body, mind & spirit through a routine practice that serves their highest potential.

If you are ready to make relaxation fitness your new health priority join the movement today and receive our free suggestions on how to relax right now, in as little as 5 minutes. Comment below and let us know what your favorite way to relax!