Clean Your House!


Cleaning your house in the springtime is a great way to remove dirt and clutter that can accumulate over time.  Its a chance to remove the unnecessary things and create space to invite all things new. Yet, if we don’t consciously choose what new things we put into our home, it will just fill up with all sorts of stuff that may not serve our best interests.  

Our Home is the place where we should feel most welcome, a place where we can rest. But, when our home accumulates things that do not serve us, we stumble on things, we lose things, we start to feel stuck, and we disconnect to avoid the mess.  If we continue on this path we lose the desire to be home at all. 

However, when we take the time to care for our house, to clean it, and intentionally bring in new things, we make our house our home. Then, it becomes the place where we belong and want to spend our time. It becomes the place that accepts us no matter how the day was; our safe haven.

Quite similar to our physical homes, our bodies serve as our house for our mind and spirit. Just like our physical home, we should make time for the skin we live in, to make it a place where we want to be. This spring, as you take time to clean house, take time to cleanse your body as well. 

Cleanse your body, mind, and spirit!

Cleansing your body, mind, and spirit can be as simple as breathing. Begin by using your breath, exhaling stagnant air and then inhaling fresh oxygen. Next, through your breath, exhale and release negative thoughts and inhale thinking of positive affirming words. Through this act of connecting your in-breath with positive thoughts, you will feel like you have created a beautiful new space, a new home. You will evoke emotions of love and self-acceptance to usher in a new moment, a new day, and new life.  

May your breath bring you a feel good place to live in today, Namaste…