What's your super-power?


This month the studio focus has been on resilience and empowerment. Our goals were to help you feel more confident in your practice, to notice a greater sense of calm in your mind, and to know a few practical tools to work with whatever challenges your daily life brings. With that said, we wanted to ensure you have one more resource to be able to take what you practice on your mat into your life.  

To start off, lets clarify what we mean when we talk about resilience and empowerment...

Resilience is the ability to recover or adjust easily to misfortune or change.


Empowerment can be seen as finding strength and confidence from within.

Recently, these have been hot topics in the mindfulness world, and rightfully so. Resilience and empowerment build upon one another to help us feel successful throughout the day. However, as catchy as they are, they are also very complex. In fact, there is so much we could talk about, it was hard to narrow down into one blog post. But, we're going to try. Part of the reason that these two topics have become so popular is because modern day life is filled with misfortune, change, and circumstances that erode our self confidence. Essentially, you could sum this all up into one word: stress. Life today is stressful! Thankfully there is good news...

Did you know we are designed to endure stress?
Yes, YOU... you are designed to withstand it!

If you find that hard to believe, just take a look at the human body. At the very core of your physique, you have built-in measures for adapting to your circumstances. Your bones are not solid or rigid but rather a matrix of somewhat elastic tissue. They possess the ability to transform; they grow and strengthen through resistance, and even depend on consistent pressure (aka stress) from gravity to maintain their durability. Furthermore, the shape of each of your bones indicates its particular function for handling stress.  Long bones, for instance, give leverage; while short bones help absorb shock, and flat bones offer protection. Your whole skeletal system, which provides your robust foundation and physical structure, is deliberately flexible. It has "built - in" resilience! 


This truth is echoed throughout the rest of your body as well. Your connective tissues rely on being regularly and appropriately challenged in order to adapt and become more robust. Each of your muscles depends on a certain level of stress to stay healthy!  And it doesn't stop there, your mind is even more astounding. The neural pathways of your brain get "re-wired" when you undergo shifts in life. Your mind quite literally changes and adapts. We could go on and on with cool fun facts that prove this point, but what we want you to pick up on is the fact that you were MADE this way. Basically, your whole body is an excellent example of resilience and empowerment in action, because its how you were designed.  You don't have to do anything special to create these traits - they are already within you!  It's like the color of your eyes, or the size of your feet.

It's just a natural part of who you are!

Because resilience and empowerment are not something to achieve, they are something we have to work acknowledge and accept. Perhaps you could think of them like your super-powers. When you befriend your super-power, you can use it to your advantage and for the greater good! We hope that as you do, you feel more confident and calm and trust your intuition with whatever challenges you find yourself up against.

Resilience & Empowerment = YOUR SUPER-POWER!