On our schedule you will find classes listed with a primary class offering (such as BODY or MIND), as well as a short tag line (like Practice with Purpose) to help further define the specific class.

body class

BODY Class

Our BODY classes are hour long classes that involve moderately paced movements and postures. With the body as the primary focus these classes designed to bring awareness to physical movement and healthy alignment. You will work towards building strength and/or increasing flexibility. Be ready to try out a new posture and challenge your body! Suitable for most levels.

Mind Classes

MIND Class

Our MIND classes are hour long classes that involve slower paced, mindful movements and foundational yoga postures. With mindfulness the primary focus, there will be dedicated time for stillness, reflection, and breath-work. Each class will involve a particular purpose or intention set towards the beginning of class. This is a wonderful class for beginners as well as more seasoned practitioners.



Our SPIRIT classes are hour long classes involving postures, movements, breath-work, intention, prayer, meditation, and spiritual study. Classes are carefully crafted to utilize the mind and body though practices and with empirical honesty to foster a deeper spiritual connection. They are intended for everyone, are universal and nondenominational. The word yoga comes from the sanskrit for the yoke which unites the seeker with the sought. This is our heart behind our SPIRIT classes.

B.M.S Classes

B.M.S Class

Our B.M.S classes are 75 min classes that involve a combination of moderately paced movements with slower, longer held postures. You will experience a cohesive mix between focusing on your body, mind, and spirit. There will often be several layers of participation offered in these classes, designed to meet each practitioner where they are on any given day. Be prepared to work a little, but leave feeling fully relaxed. Suitable for all levels.

breathe class


Our BREATHE classes are hour long classes that will guide you through different breath-work (pranayama) exercises. Breath-work is an essential part of any yoga style/practice, but it can be difficult to provide dedicated instruction for yogic breathing in posture/movement based classes. Therefore, these classes will involve very few yoga postures. Participants should dress comfortably to allow freedom of movement / breathing as needed. No experience is necessary. Some exercises may be inappropriate for certain health concerns. Please speak with an instructor if you have questions or concerns.

meditate class


Our MEDITATE classes are hour long classes that involve guided meditations. Meditation is a powerful practice used to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. These classes do not include yoga postures. Participants should dress comfortably and will be seated in a chair, or on a yoga mat with props to help facilitate comfort. No meditation experience is necessary.