Frequently asked Questions

We love beginners! We also understand that trying out something new can be intimidating. We all like our routines and our comfort zones and don't like when our expectations aren't met. To minimize your uncertainty, and to help ensure that your first experience with us leaves a lasting good impression, we have put together a list of a few things that are nice to know before you arrive.


For some of us, the biggest question is can I even practice yoga? I am not (fill in the blank). Our answer is YES absolutely, and we would love to help show you not only why you CAN practice, but the practical side of HOW to practice.  In fact, the question of can I do this was one of the sparks that lead to the creation of our business.  Take a moment to read our story to learn more. 

Can I practice? 

What class is right for me?


Have you ever wondered what you should expect from a particular yoga class? Have you ever gone to a yoga class expecting one thing, only to do something completely different? We understand how that feels, therefore we aim to keep our class titles as simple as possible and approach our offerings from our clients perspective. We believe it all starts by asking the question: What do YOU come to class expecting?


When it comes to practicing yoga, we all have very different desires and motivations. Perhaps you are more interested in moving your body at a steady pace to develop strength, flexibility or physical balance. Maybe you like to practice in a heated class, or would rather never step foot into a hot room. Do you seek more mindfulness, hoping to set aside the rest of your day in order to slow down, quiet your mind, and move and live more intentionally? Is your practice a spiritual one, where you value quiet time and space in order to connect at the soul level?


As you can imagine, there are just about as many different yoga class styles are there are people who practice yoga. Which means it's helpful to be very clear about what you'd like to get out of your yoga practice. Pause and take a moment to give it some thought! It is natural to have certain classes and teachers that you like better than others, and you might even desire a different kind of practice on different days. Ultimately we encourage you to attend each of our different types of classes as they are meant to compliment one another and lead towards balance in body, mind, and spirit. See you on the mat!

What should I wear and bring to class?

Please wear something that allows you to move freely. Most people find closer fitting, breathable apparel most comfortable during a class. Well-fitting clothing will prevent any unwanted exposure as you move about. For ladies that usually means a shirt that can either be tucked in or that fits snug around the waist. For men that usually means compression shorts beneath their sport shorts or lightweight pants. Shoes should not be worn to class, and socks often cause more problems than they are worth. Please feel free to come 'undone' without the need to 'dress-up' for class. Your practice is for you alone, and we are proud to be a judgement free studio! We do ask that there not be any strong odors in the room, so please come clean, but skip the perfume or cologne. When you come to the studio please bring your own mat if you have one, but a few available for rent if needed. Aside from your mat it's also nice to have some water and a hand towel. 

What typically happens before, during, and after class?

Our studio doors open 30 minutes prior to a class. If it is your first time at the studio we ask that you kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the class. This is both a good rule of thumb so that you are not stressed about making it to class on time, and it will afford you enough time to get oriented with the studio and fill out paperwork. We do ask all participants to sign a one-time release of liability waiver that will be kept on file. We have spaces for your shoes and belongings to be kept during class and we lock our doors at the start of class. Our classes will start promptly out of respect of everyones time therefore if you arrive late to the studio there is a possibility you will not be be able to attend class. During class we ask that participants keep any personal conversations to a minimum and to leave cell-phones on silent and with belongings outside of the practice space. You can expect to hear the sounds of others breathing, and the instructor giving guidance and possible adjustments. If you prefer to not have individual attention or hands on adjustments, please make the instructor aware of your requests prior to class. After class is a great time to meet fellow practitioners or to say hello to the instructor. We highly encourage a sense of community at our studio and would love to have you bring a friend or meet new ones. If your practice is something that you are hoping to do on a routine basis, having a community of support can make all the difference. Once class is dismissed we ask that you respect the instructors schedule. There is a bathroom with a shower at the studio that is available for use as needed. If you have additional questions about our studio customs please feel free to ask one of our instructors. 

If you are interested in getting on a membership with us, we encourage you to read out membership page. If you have inquires about your membership, how to cancel or place your membership on hold we recommend you first read our membership fine print and then email us if you have specific inquires.