jenni jones

Jenni teaches Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  She has come to love this powerful, spiritual, and life-changing yoga practice – having the opportunity to share it with others with love and humor is a profound blessing.  Jenni spent too much time and money during her younger years on formal, higher education.  She has a Juris Doctor but tries very hard not to use it.  She much prefers teaching yoga and meditation instead, and providing sound therapy with her Symphonic gong.  She is also a foot zone therapist, Reiki Master and guided imagery facilitator.  She is always trying to learn something new.  Most recently, she has been learning how to develop and teach a yoga and meditation program for elementary school children.  Jenni loves traveling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving and generally any other expensive hobby.