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There are those who genuinely believe they can't do yoga. But real, authentic, life changing 'yoga' isn't about a pair of pants, a pose, your religion, your level of flexibility, or even about what you call it; it is simply a practice that you commit to on a regular basis! And, that's something available to anyone and everyone regardless of his or her age or abilities!
From initial roots in Waco, Texas in 2015, Founder and Owner Kathleen Shiflett created Relaxation Fitness as a space where everyday people could make rest/relaxation a part of their everyday routine. She was also passionate and driven to create her own small business - situated right in the heart of her own community. She envisioned a welcoming studio where beginner practitioners would feel just as at home as seasoned yogi’s. On top of that, she wanted to break down all the barriers surrounding ‘yoga’ so that people from all walks of life could see the benefits of coming to practice, in a pristine studio atmosphere, where they too could encounter Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Since our opened doors in December of 2016, our space has blossomed into an authentic loving community that fosters growth, healing, balance, and wholeness. As our members often say - it's a place you come to, and simply don't want to leave. We hope you’ll come see for yourself. 

...in a practice that is personal, practical, and ultimately essential to your health and wellbeing...where there is a balanced focus on body, mind, and spirit, and an authentic loving community joins you on an incredible journey of growth, healing, and wholeness!


focused practice

Your body requires rest! Unfortunately, resting is not something we Americans spend much time doing, or even know how to do very well! In fact, it often feels impossible to take time for rest when we have somebody to be and much to do. However, being able to find rest during times of stress means that we can’t wait until life is perfect to learn how to relax.

Did you know that according to a study completed by the American Psychological Association, over 75% of Americans experience heightened levels of stress over the course of a month?Additionally, an article published by Huffington Post affirms that stress is a factor in 5 out of the 6 leading causes of death! YIKES...Those statistics should make you pause and think...

If you don’t take time for rest, eventually your body will be forced to - and tragically, it might just be forever!
So, what are we to do with this information? Where do we even begin? How could we ever make rest/relaxation a reality for us when it feels so far out of our reach?  

What will happen if you just start small… and notice one breath at a time a few min a day? Could you carve out simply an hour a week to ‘check in’ with yourself, your breath, and how you feel? What if our life depended on it? Obviously this journey begins with a lot more questions than it has answers. 

At Relaxation Fitness, our goal is to guide you as those questions begin to take the shape of a routine ‘mat practice.’ Your practice will become a time/space where you’ll start to notice just how much tension you unknowingly and unnecessarily hold. It will also be opportunity for you to explore what real rest means to you, and how you can realistically allow yourself to not focus on your current stressors. We’re here to offer a supportive community, and to help you navigate what questions to ask the way.

We know that if you intentionally take time for rest, you will begin to see that relaxation is as important of a "fitness" goal as your cardiovascular fitness, or your physical fitness. Which means there really is only one more important question...