Each month we will be featuring one of our teachers who has been doing an exceptional job at pouring their heart into their classes / clients. They have gone above and beyond by volunteering with their talents and adding their own unique touch to our community. We encourage you to take a moment to read their story and take a class with them! Whenever you see our Featured Teacher, be sure to let them know how they have personally impacted your life and just how grateful you are for them! We’ll be on the look out for our next fantastic teacher to feature so let us know who you’d love to see recognized.

serena lebaron

Serena LeBaron

Serena is someone who embodies our studio theme for August, Both And! She is both STRONG and SOFT - which you can sense simply from speaking with her. She is assertive yet graceful, humble yet confident in who she is and where she is headed. She lives an active life, but understands the importance of taking time to rest. She is willing to step in and help others out while standing firm in reserving a day just for her family! Serena, brings balance wherever she goes, and we are so grateful to have her as a teacher at the studio :)



Friday 5:00AM, BODY: Heat + Power

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