Our Pricing

We’ve recently made some changes to our pricing. In an effort to streamline our business, add value to our offerings, and honor both our teaching team and studio community, we hope these changes will more accurately represent who we are at Relaxation Fitness!

First Time Visitor

$20.00 for 2 Weeks

Never been to Relaxation Fitness? We’d LOVE for you to give us a try! As a first time visitor, we invite you to take advantage of this 2-week special on the day of your first visit. If you’re new to yoga this is a great way to try out different classes and teachers to see what interests you. If you’re a yoga regular, explore us as your new “yoga-home!” At the end of the 14 days we hope you will choose to become a member with us!

Pay Per Class


Not one for commitment? You can choose to pay just one class at a time! Anyone is welcome to attend any class on any day. This is definitely the most expensive way to go per class, but it does give you the freedom to pay only for what you know you can attend. Invite your friends to take a class with you!

Monthly Membership

$55.00 - 75.00

Our memberships allow you to attend an unlimited amount of classes over a month. You also receive a 15% discount on special events, workshops, and appointments. Each month your membership will automatically renew. There are no fees with our memberships. You can change, suspend, or cancel your membership with a 30 day notice.

*please note, a membership is an agreement to come on a continued basis. We do not offer single month memberships at our studio.

3 ways to pay:

You are welcome to come to any class on any day. When you are ready to make a purchase, you can pay for classes through our Online Store, by downloading our App, or In Person. Please pay prior to attending class and contact us if you have any questions.